“Don’t surround yourself with people who will fill you with doubt and discouragement. Find people who build you up, people who can stand in faith with you.”

Our Story


Project Light

Is an initiative by a group of nurses to bring out the spirit of volunteerism amongst Singaporeans and medical professionals. It also provides a platform Singaporeans and medical professionals to serve the needy communities by addressing primary healthcare needs and empowering locals through preventive health education. 


To bridge healthcare gaps within vulnerable communities. 


To build a community of volunteers that initiate sustainable health

programmes to effect positive health changes among vulnerable 


 The Team

Madeleine Lam


Felicia Ho

Vice-President (Treasury & Publicity)

Hong Yanqi

Vice-President (Overseas Project)


Lee Ang Yun

Vice-President (Local)

Ngo Yu Ting

Honorary Secretary

Eileen Soon

Medical Director

Serene Lim


Nelson Yit 




Solicitor & Advocate, Singapore
Natalie Lam, Volunteer 
Project Light 2
Claire Wong, Volunteer 
Hospital Administrator
Project Light 1

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